Members from Saks Hexham team are making waves in three different national hairstyling and business competitions.

Jessica Bridges, Jess Smith, Jodie David and Hannah Porter have reached the grand finale of L’Oreal’s Colour Trophy.

Meanwhile, salon director Emma Brown also made the cut for Salon Business Awards' Creative Salon of the Year category for a dress she created out of hair.

Shannon, the salon's manager, is up for an award in the British Hairdressers Business Awards.

She has been shortlisted in the Manager of the Year category.

A spokesperson said: "We are so proud to have made it through to three national competitions, it just goes to show we are not just a small town hairdressers!

"We are a team of creative, professional stylists working at the top of our game."

The team hopes to see even more success at the upcoming Saks Awards in June.