The village of Bellingham has pledged to support people with dementia and Alzheimer's.

Bellingham is on its way to becoming a dementia-friendly village, as residents recently attended a meeting in Reed Hall to learn more about dementia and sign up as 'Dementia Friends'.

These actions align with the village's commitment to raising awareness and support during Dementia Action Week, which takes place from May 13 to May 19.

This comes as national data reveals one in 14 people over 65, and one in eight over 80, are diagnosed with dementia.

The information session, organised by the Alzheimer’s Society and supported by the North Tyne & Redesdale Community Partnership, shed light on the mental and physiological changes linked to dementia.

The focus was also put on simple ways individuals can assist those living with the conditions.

Bellingham plans to maintain support far beyond Dementia Action Week, with hopes of increasing understanding within the community of the challenges faced by those with dementia.

Plans are also in place to implement minor modifications within business premises and community buildings, facilitating those with memory problems to remain active and independent in village life.

According to village representatives, education about dementia should be widespread and inclusive, hence, discussions are ongoing to develop inclusive learning and better comprehension across all ages.

The village's endeavours aim to dispel the loneliness experienced by dementia sufferers and their carers, promising to contribute to improving their lives.