A SELF-SERVICE launderette facility is awaiting planning permission approval from Northumberland County Council.

The proposed site for the installation will be Branch End Service Station Main Road, Stocksfield in Northumberland.

The plans are for a  '100% self-service' launderette with three machines for the washing and drying of clothing textiles, with two washing machines and a single drying machine.

According to the planning form, disabled access was a 'priority' in developing the designs for the units, with the machines and touchpads at the required height.

The application was received on Monday, April 22 this year and validated on Thursday, May 2 and no objections have been lodged.

One resident in favour of the application is Leanne Ovenden who said: "What a fabulous resource!

"I'm all in favour for having this facility for the use of the public - its location is spot on and it means that members of the community without laundry facilities can easily access resources for this.

"It's definitely something I'd use for large items. I've read lots of positive comments on social media about this facility and feel that it's a very welcome addition to the local area."

Sam Longden agrees and added: "Great addition to the local community, will help out countless families and the local economy."

Ruth Brown is also in favour but has some concerns about using up car spaces in the location.

She said: "Although the facility takes up vital parking space at the shop and is not particularly nice to look at, it does seem to be well used and therefore a needed facility in the area.

"I will be using it to wash duvets that won't fit in my machine and I'm sure others will do the same. It is also particularly useful when your washing machine breaks down and you have nowhere else to wash clothes.

"Its positioning is a little strange as it is right in the middle of the car park when it could have been closer to the building."

Reference 24/01329/FUL