AN APPLICATION for a bridge to be installed across a ford has been submitted.

Northumberlnd National Park Authority (NNPA) are hoping for permission to build a forded crossing of Greenlee Burn between Greenlee and Stonefolds near Bardon Mill, Hexham.

The application was submitted in January and is currently awaiting assessment.

The Crossing is a public right of way Footpath and links two halves of a singularly managed property. The total area of the entire agricultural unit that will be used is 197 Hectares.

It will be on a land that has been used for agricultural trade for over 100 years.

The aim of the application is to put in a timber decked bridge that is designed to accommodate use by agricultural machinery, including tractors and ATVS.

The bridge will be 20 metres in length, 5 metres in width and 2 metres in height.

In the application, NNPA said: "Greenlee and Stonefolds have historically been managed under separate farm business tenancies and vehicular travel between them was limited.

"Since full management control has been taken in hand by NNPA both holdings are now managed under one grazing agreement.

"As such agricultural traffic between them has increased considerably with resultant impact on water quality due to impact on bank side vegetation."