Haltwhistle and Hexham fire crews got more than they baah-gained for when the pregnant ewe they saved gave birth on the river bank.

The teams were alerted to the incident around lunchtime on Saturday, April 20, after David Monkhouse, the owner of Gilside Farm near Haltwhistle, requested their help.

Joyce Jackson, David's partner, said: "The ewe was a first-time mum and was getting anxious about lambing when she was up at the farm.

"We saw her walk over to the wall and then jump over it -which we couldn't believe.

"We both kept an eye on her and watched her slip further and further down the bank near the river until she found a ledge.

"We were worried that she would lamb there - so we had to act fast.

"David ran and got some rope, then went down the hill after it.

Hexham Courant: Fire crew with the eweFire crew with the ewe (Image: NRFS)

"He was able to tie a lasso around the ewe's neck to secure it. By that time, he had also called the fire brigade for assistance.

"Every minute, we were praying that she wouldn't fall off the ledge, as it would have been even more dangerous than the situation she was in.

"Thankfully, she didn't, and my partner worked with the fire crews, and as a team, we were able to rescue her."

However, the drama did not end there, as the ewe decided to lamb on the bank.Hexham Courant: David with the newborn sheep on the riverbankDavid with the newborn sheep on the riverbank (Image: NFRS)

Joyce said: "After delivering the lamb, we quickly 'frogmarched' them up the hill and checked them back at the farm to see if they were okay.

"Thankfully, not long after they were in their pen, they were both wandering around, drinking and eating like nothing had happened.

"One of the firemen called the lamb  Shaun, the sheep after the fireman who had rescued her.

"We would like to thank the two fire crews for their help. They did a sterling job in what could have been a disaster, and we cannot thank them enough.

"They are now bouncing around the field."