A change of use has been sought to turn holiday accommodation into a permanent residency.

Greystead Old Church, Tarset, Hexham within Northumberland National Park was restored and converted into self-catering holiday accommodation in 2013.

The owners have now had an application submitted to Northumberland National Park by the agent Doonan Architects Ltd to change the use of Greystead Old Church into a four-bedroom home.

Hexham Courant: Greystead Old Church's stained glass windowGreystead Old Church's stained glass window (Image: Kate Buckingham)

A statement included in the application said the Covid-19 pandemic had an "unprecedented" effect on the business and its owners, who are now seeking to ensure the work they put into restoring the property is kept in good order.

The Grade II listed building was built approximately 1815 to 1817 and formed one of four churches erected to serve outlying parts of the medieval parish of Simonburn, stretching from Hadrian’s Wall to the Carter Bar.

Hexham Courant: Inside Greystead Old ChurchInside Greystead Old Church (Image: Kate Buckingham)

It closed as a serving church in 1998 before it was transformed into holiday accommodation.

"Our client wishes to reduce the burden of Greystead Old Church in its current use whilst ensuring that their hard work converting the Church is retained to ensure that it does not fall back into disrepair," the statement said.

Hexham Courant: Inside converted Greystead Old ChurchInside converted Greystead Old Church (Image: Kate Buckingham)

"This application is to renew the planning approval (ref: 21NP0002) for the change of use of Greystead Old Church from holiday accommodation into permanent residential use. The proposals include no works to the buildings or any landscaping works.

"Greystead Old Church is becoming a significant burden to our client. The maintenance and repair works required for the building are not insignificant; our client is experiencing significant constraints which impact upon their ability to ensure that the maintenance and repair works of this listed building are carried out."

Hexham Courant: Inside converted Greystead Old ChurchInside converted Greystead Old Church (Image: Kate Buckingham)

As the proposals only relate to the building's change of use, it was considered the plans would not have any impact on the "biodiversity, landscape, tranquillity or cultural heritage of the National Park".

The application therefore suits National Planning Policy Framework requirements and those of the Northumberland National Park Local Plan.

For more information, go to Northumberland National Park's planning portal and search reference number 24NP0020.