A HUSTINGS event will "politically empower young people" ahead of the general election, its organisers say.

Organisers are 17-year-old Queen Elizabeth High School students James Aitken and Ben Sanderson, who say "participation is vital".

Parliamentary candidates from all parties agreed to attend except Reform UK, which has not selected a candidate for Hexham's constituency.

Hexham Courant: The hustings event posterThe hustings event poster (Image: Supplied)

Joe Morris will attend as Labour's candidate, Guy Opperman for the Conservative Party, Liberal Democrat candidate Nick Cott, William Clouston of the Social Democratic Party and Nick Morphet as the Green Party candidate.

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James said: "It's a good way to get young people involved in politics. It's just encouraging people to get out there and know their voices will be heard.

"The Millennials and Gen-Z are for the first time the voting majority in the UK, so participation is vital. We hope this hustings will politically empower young people for the upcoming general election. We must demonstrate to the emerging electorate that voting is our universal power, re-enfranchisement is the goal."

Ben said: "Getting students excited and stuck into the political process at a local level is vital. In this election year and at such a politically contentious time, a hustings can show us what the options are, and what they stand for."

It will be held in the Hydro building on April 26 from 11.20am to 12.30pm.