A PHOTOGRAPHER shared his experience of capturing the total solar eclipse.

Wil Cheung, owner of Northumberland-based Wil Photography, travelled to Montreal in North America to photograph the phenomenon which occurred on April 8.  

The eclipse was visible across a band covering parts of the United States, including Mexico and Canada.

The next total solar eclipse won't occur in the UK until 2090.

Wil said: "A solar eclipse is a rare phenomenon, only occurring around once every 375 years in any one location.

"In Montreal, at 3.26pm, one of the last locations in North America to see the eclipse, I was set up with two cameras and a laptop, streaming via my Facebook page. Over 60,000 people watched the eclipse with me. 

"80 seconds of totality also affected local wildlife as they went wild as the skies plunged into darkness. 

"A solar eclipse is a must-see once-in-a-lifetime event. And hopefully, my life will have helped inspire people to go and chase them."