Volodymyr 'Volo' Muliar, 48, is counting down the days until he starts his 60,000km fundraiser where he will cycle around seven continents, including Antarctica, to help those back home in Ukraine.

Volo, who lives with his son and wife in Hexham, has so far raised over £500 in his goal of £11,000. He hopes the fundraiser will help him pay for essential items needed for the trip, such as a touring bicycle, insurance, video equipment and expenses.

He will begin at the end of May this year and won’t return to Hexham until 2027.

Volo hopes to keep audiences involved in the experience by recording every second - which can also help his fundraiser for the Disasters Emergency Committee to provide humanitarian aid back in his home.

He said: "I am glad that I have been able to raise at least a small part of the funds needed.

"Of course, it would be great to collect the full amount, so that I can be sure that I will ride stably and confidently but I will go anyway, regardless of whether I raise the full amount, regardless of the bike and equipment I have - top-notch and new, or budget and second-hand.

"I believe that a person achieves a goal not thanks to equipment (although that is also quite important), but above all thanks to an idea and determination.

"I remember my wife and I's biggest cycling trip so far - from Ukraine to Australia. We didn't have the money for good touring bikes back then. When we bought basic budget commuter bikes, people would smile and say "to Australia on this? Don't make me laugh. You won't make it!" However, we did it. 

"I am still going to go on one of the last days of May and I will announce the leaving date on my fundraiser for those wanting to say goodbye.

"I already have the vast majority of the necessary equipment such as: a tent, sleeping and kitchen equipment, video camera and electronics for vlogging.

"One wonderful man offered me a good touring bike for free for my trip, but the problem is that it is in Switzerland. If we can't get it, then I’ll probably buy a slightly simpler bike here in the UK.

"This trip has to be the biggest adventure of my life, so its life-changing for me. I have a lot of feelings, however, strangely enough, I feel calm the most. 

"It will be incredibly difficult for me to be without my beloved son for so long and I am fully aware that I may be making a mistake but again I know I have to do it."