A DAY featuring a barrel of laughs, ice cream and fundraising for charity has been hailed a success by all.

The rain certainly did not deter people from attending the Feather's Annual Hedley Barrel race, which sees teams of three race up the Faill's fields to finish at the pub greeted by cheers and beers.

This year there were 13 teams altogether, which considering the drizzle was a good turn out.

Helen Landlady of the Feathers said: "The winning adult team, the 'Village People', were Chris Mc Clymont, Mark Wilson and Dan Milton with a remarkable time of 7mins 59 seconds.

"The course was challenging due to very muddy conditions and this by all standards is a very fast time and a great achievement. 

"The winning junior team consisted of William Jefferson, Tom Brennan and Kieron Forbister with a time of 10 mins 35 seconds.

"The Egg Jarping champion was Grace Cradock aged 11 of Hedley on the hill. Grace was thrilled to win as as she has entered every year and this is her first win!

"Luke Cradock and William Jefferson were selling ice cream buns over the weekend to raise money for their Morocco community project with Queen Elizabeth High School and raised £116 for their group.

"The Barrel race and egg jarping also raised £175 for the North of Tyne Mountain rescue team who had a member join in the race this year so a great result all round."