A portion of native woodland near Greenlee Lough, Northumberland National Park, has been dedicated to a former employee.

The woodland has been extended and dedicated to Elaine Rigg, the former landscape and recreation manager, who sadly passed from cancer last year.

'Elaine's Wood' is situated to the northwestern side of Greenlee Lough.

Over two days, February 29 and March 18, 32 relatives, friends, old colleagues, current members of National Park staff and members of Hexham Rotary Club gathered to hear the dedication.

Hexham Courant: Elaine Rigg sadly passed last yearElaine Rigg sadly passed last year (Image: Northumberland National Park)

Chief executive officer Tony Gates said: “My lasting memory of Elaine is someone who just knew her stuff and cared passionately about her job and getting it right.

"And I think in her memory, we carry that passion forward at Northumberland National Park."

Hexham Courant: Family gathered around the unveiled plaqueFamily gathered around the unveiled plaque (Image: Northumberland National Park)

Speaking about his late wife, Mr Rigg said: "Elaine secured the original funding to plant the woodland back in 2003.

"Today, we are extending it with trees that Elaine and I grew from acorns over the last five years."