St John Ambulance has named 16-year-old Basmala Swed from Gateshead as Regional Cadet of the Year 2024 for the North East.

Basmala, who clinched her place at the national final amongst 35 district winners, also holds the title of District Cadet of the Year for Northumbria and Durham.

The teen, who hopes to become a paramedic, volunteers at the Gateshead Cadet unit where she is a cadet corporal.

She has completed courses including cadet leader and cadet operational first aider.

Basmala said: "Being selected as Regional Cadet of the Year for the North East means absolutely everything to me.

"This role is highly honourable, and I am grateful for having the privilege of holding the title."

St John Ambulance chief commissioner Ann Cable said: "Basmala has shown determination, wide-ranging knowledge and exceptional ability throughout this selection event and thoroughly deserves her title as Regional Cadet of the Year."

Basmala will now represent St John Ambulance at ceremonial events and high-profile occasions.