A range of new T Levels are being introduced at Northumberland College.

Available from September, the new courses cover animal care and management, onsite construction, management and administration at Kirkley Hall Campus.

Lee Lister, vice principal at Northumberland College said: “As the technical equivalent to A Levels or an apprenticeship, the college realised the value of these new qualifications and became an early adopter of the vast majority of each T Level in the five launch waves.

“We are currently delivering agriculture, digital, health and education and these are already enhancing the skills of our students and ensuring they are prepared for employment.

"The college is adding business, engineering, onsite construction, land based engineering and animal management T Levels into its curriculum, for September 2024."

The animal care and management T Level prepares students for a range of animal management occupations, covering health and safety, business, animal behaviour and sustainability.

The management and administration course develops project planning skills as well as knowledge and understanding around running an organisation.

The onsite construction T-Level imparts practical skills and technical knowledge for various roles within the construction sector.

It is aimed at vocational routes, including site carpentry and bricklaying, but intends to include plumbing, electrical installation, and construction management in the future.

Applications are now open.