Mayor Jamie Driscoll has announced funding for a series of art commissions in honour of Sycamore Gap.

A donation of £12,000 has been given to the National Trust in order to support the first commission for an artist to create an homage to the historic tree, felled last year.

This initiative, led by the National Trust, was conceived in cooperation with Northumberland National Park Authority, Hadrian’s Wall Partnership and Historic England, after the National Trust received numerous messages following the loss of the tree.

Mayor Jamie Driscoll said: "Sycamore Gap is an icon of the North East.

“Sycamore Gap is an icon of the North East. It’s where I’ve picnicked with my wife and kids, it’s where people have scattered ashes.

"This commission will do what art does best – connect people and cause them to reflect.

“This for me is what devolution is all about – getting local people involved in making decisions that matter to local people – and in this case, a project which has had worldwide reach.

"I hope this commission is the first of many and that people can continue to enjoy Sycamore Gap for years to come."

Andrew Poad, the general manager for the National Trust at Hadrian’s Wall, said: “We’re very grateful for the support from North of Tyne Combined Authority."