A TELECOM company has issued an apology to its customers for no internet service after a pole was damaged in a vehicle collision.

Residents of Capheaton were left without internet for several days and had to rely on 3,4 and 5G after a telegraph pole was damaged on Friday, March 15.

The damage to the pole was caused by a woman who had hit it after hitting two deer with her vehicle.

Police attended the incident and confirmed that the woman was taken to hospital anddid not have any serious injuries.

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Openreach were on the site the following day (Saturday, March 16) to inspect the damage and  were able to replace the pole and reconnect the network for the area several days after the incident.

A spokesperson from Openreach said: "We’re very sorry for the loss of phone and broadband a small number of people in the Capheaton area have experienced. This was caused by a vehicle hitting two deer and then a telegraph pole. The damage caused was extensive, so our engineers had to completely replace the pole and reattach the overhead network.”

Resident of the area, Genevieve Wilson said: "The village is a bit fed up as we had 11 days with no power due to storm Arwen, then in August last year the pole went down due to a crash and then it happened last week.

"The crossroads is clearly dangerous.

"I’m surprised no one has been killed, there needs better signage and road markings to stop this happening over and over and to stop someone getting seriously hurt."