Experts from the national High Streets Task Force visited Prudhoe to look into how the town centre can be boosted in the future.

The team of experts met with a wide range of partners to investigate possible improvements.

Northumberland County Council, recognising the town's potential, endorsed the Task Force's involvement to improve the town's already favourable status.

The Task Force was commissioned by the government in 2019 and offers consultation and training, liaising with local governments and communities.

Their support, which has benefitted many towns, commences with a visit from the Task Force's experts.

These experts then work closely with local businesses and community groups to unearth and cultivate each town's unique prospects.

This recent visit was the third and final one performed by the team.

It entailed a workshop at the Spetchell’s Centre, involving an array of local partners from the business and public sectors, including Prudhoe Town Council and Prudhoe Community Partnership.

Professor Steve Millington, an expert from the High Streets Task Force, led the workshop and said: "Over the last two years, the Task Force has witnessed the resilience of high streets and the diversity of their communities.

"We’ve engaged over 4,000 placemakers so far and I'm delighted we have been able to support Prudhoe to consider their own ambitious plans for renewal and growth through practical action."

During the workshop, partners identified short- and long-term initiatives for boosting the town centre.

These ideas will form an action plan, which included potential improvements like enhanced event coordination, improved lighting, and efficient business promotion.

The plan also mentioned effective use of social media campaigns to increase visits and trips to the town centre, castle, and leisure centre.

They explored ways to enhance transport and connectivity, specifically between the railway station and town centre.

Hexham Courant:

Cllr Gordon Stewart celebrated the Task Force's return by saying: "It's fantastic to see the High Streets Task Force visit our town again.

"Prudhoe has many things to be proud of and our town centre is doing well but there is always more we can do.

"The workshop has provided lots of great ideas and the opportunity to reflect on how we might, working together make our town even better in the future."

Chair of Trustees at the Prudhoe Community Partnership, Caroline Warburton, added: "We are delighted to work with the High Street Task Force to make our Front Street a fantastic space for everyone to enjoy.

"This includes the proposed Prudhoe Youth and Community facility on the East Centre site and a number of climate change related projects currently underway.

"We're looking forward to using the outcome of this workshop to fuel our partnership work going forward."