OWNERS of a missing dog have offered a 'final' reward of £5,000, hoping someone will come forward with information about its whereabouts.

Bunny, a one-year-old Newfoundland puppy from Bellingham, was last seen on the evening of March 5, when her owners, Emma and Mark Bone, were preparing their vehicle to go to Crufts that weekend.

Bunny was due to compete for the first time in the junior Newfoundlands class in Birmingham this year as part of the Working and Pastoral Group.

Now, over two weeks after her disappearance, the situation has caused heartache for Bunny's owners and the whole of Tynedale.

Missing posters have been shared on social media, and a fundraiser has been set up—reaching nearly £3,000.

Now, dog breeders Emma and Mark are growing increasingly worried that they might not be able to see her again.

The pair moved to Bellingham in 2018 to grow their passion for having several big dogs and to build a business out of it.

In addition to breeding and competing in Crufts, they offer other dog services such as dog grooming, K9 pregnancy ultrasound, K9 teeth cleaning, microchipping, and whelping services.

They have also been on TV with their hounds on Channel 4's Big Dog Britain in 2021-22 and they have their page 'big_dog_small_horse' on Instagram and other social media pages.

If you want to sign the petition, follow this link: Get Bunny Home - Missing Newfoundland Pup.

If you have any information about Bunny, please call 07835357538, contact the Get Bunny Home Facebook page or email bunnysarmy2024@gmail.com