The worst roads for congestion across Tynedale have been revealed.

The data, published by the Department for Transport (DfT), has revealed the average speed, delay and reliability of travel times across the Strategic Road Network (SRN) and local 'A' roads.

The A69, which connects Carlisle with the Tyne Valley towns of Haltwhistle, Haydon Bridge, Hexham, and Corbridge before ending in Newcastle, was named the worst road for delays. The road registered an average delay of 84.2 seconds per vehicle mile, according to the DfT's 2023 records.

The A695, which links Hexham with Riding Mill, Stocksfield, Prudhoe and Newcastle, was named second worst road for congestion, with an average delay of 45.2 seconds per vehicle mile.
The A696 ranked as the second most congested road with 19.9 seconds per vehicle mile, followed by the A689 with 14.8 seconds per vehicle mile, then the A686 with 14.8 seconds per vehicle mile.

The A68, which runs from Darlington in County Durham and past Corbridge in the Tyne Valley and along to the Carter Bar at the Scottish Border, before ending in Edinburgh, ranked last on the Tynedale list with an average delay of 11.7 seconds per vehicle mile.