Crimes involving zombie knives and machetes in Northumbria Policing District are on the rise, with teenage involvement surging 50 per cent over the last three years.

A 'zombie knife' is a weapon said to be inspired by zombie films, with one smooth blade and one serrated edge.

Last year saw a record 306 crimes involving these weapons reported to Northumbria Police.

Statistics for 2024 indicate this figure could exceed 350, with the number of incidents reported so far standing at 35.

Personal Injury Claims UK found the number of under 18 victims or suspects in zombie knife crime rose by 48 per cent from 2021 to 2022.

New laws taking effect this September will completely ban these knives, with those found possessing them facing prison sentences.

Popular actor and rapper Idris Elba, who runs a campaign against youth violence, deems this legislation start date "far too long away".

In January, Mr Elba called for additional support for community groups tackling knife crime.

Present law only bans knives that are 'designed to look intimidating and threatening', an alleged loophole which has kept these weapons available.

Personal Injury Claims UK provides a specialised service for those seeking advice after a knife crime, operating a 24-hour helpline and live chat service on their website.