THE most and least expensive places for fuel in Tynedale have been revealed, according to a new report. 

The Fuel Price Report by Cromwell Trucks and Online Marketing Surgery ranked areas in Tynedale and Northumberland based on their average price for petrol and diesel.

Haltwhistle had the highest petrol price average in Tynedale with it costing 144.9p per litre. Also, the area had the highest diesel prices in Tynedale as well as the whole of Northumberland at 155.9p per litre.

Prudhoe had the lowest petrol price average with 142.3p per litre.

Corbridge ranked with the lowest average diesel price, with it costing 152.9p per litre.

The area in Northumberland with the lowest petrol price was Bamburgh at a price of 141.9p per litre. The lowest diesel price went to Thropton with 150.9p per litre.

Ashington was the most expensive area in Northumberland for petrol prices at 147.6p.

A spokesperson from Online Marketing Surgery said: “Decreased fuel costs not only ease the financial burden on drivers in Tynedale but also have broader positive impacts on the local economy.

"With cheaper fuel, more people will be able to afford to commute to essential places like work.

"Also, individuals can allocate their money to other cost-of-living items instead of spending a huge chunk of it on fuel (food, heating etc). Let’s hope other financial reductions like this continue to help support the Tynedale community.”