NO Tynedale towns were included in a scathing list of the five most 'depressing' places in Northumberland, according to a video by a viral vlogger.

Turdtowns, a YouTube channel which visits towns across the UK and rates the worst in each county, visited Northumberland to discover the most 'depressing' places, based on property prices and other factors.

None of the towns featured were in Tynedale, but were generally close to the coast of North Northumberland.

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5 Newbiggin-by-the-Sea

Hexham Courant: Newbiggin BayNewbiggin Bay (Image: Google Street View)

Average property prices are approximately £117,000, compared to the county's average of £207,447.

"I didn't completely hate Newbiggin, it was just a bit of a strange place," Turdtowns' video, which has 145k views, said. "I can imagine this being a desperate kind of place in winter.

"Much of the town has a run-down, derelict look to it.

"All in all, it's bleak, it's depressing, but at least it's by the sea, so you can visit here and stare out at the water, daydreaming about being literally anywhere else."

4 Stakeford 

Hexham Courant: The Lord Barrington pub in StakefordThe Lord Barrington pub in Stakeford (Image: Google Street View)

House prices on average reach £151,000.

Introduced as a former mining area, the town is described as 'one giant ball of mould'.

"It's nothing but social housing centred around a battered old pub," the video said.

3 Cambois

Hexham Courant: Cambois beachCambois beach (Image: Google Street View)

Property prices are around £241,000, higher than the county's average.

Once a major centre of industry, the former mining town has been reduced to a village. 

"Empty overgrown roads are everywhere now where terraces once stood. There's really only one road left in the village," Turdtowns said.

"There's nothing here, except the scars left by the huge former industry buildings." 

2 Blyth

Hexham Courant: Quay Road BlythQuay Road Blyth (Image: Google Street View)

Properties have an average sale price of £147,000.

The largest town in Northumberland has 'lots of ugly industry buildings', according to Turdtowns.

Even so, the video acknowledged the town was trying to improve, bringing a new education centre for clean energy to the centre and a new railway station to link it to Newcastle.

1 Ashington 

Hexham Courant: Ashington was rated the worst town in NorthumberlandAshington was rated the worst town in Northumberland (Image: Google Street View)

Houses are cheap at an average of £142,000. 

However, the former mining centre topped the list of Northumberland's worst towns.

"This place hasn't been relevant for at least 60 years. There's nothing here and it hasn't changed since the Victorian times. In fact, it's got worse since the Victorian times. 

"It takes the top spot due to its crime data, which is the worst in Northumberland," the video said. 

Crime levels are 128 in 1,000 compared to Northumberland's average of 77 in 1,000.