Guy Opperman recently visited Wydon Water to inspect the progress of refurbishment works.

The renovations were needed after a routine inspection that revealed defects in several fishing platforms.

The Environment Agency, responsible for maintaining Wydon Water, has inspected all 20 platforms at the site and created a refurbishment plan.

The improved facilities are expected to reopen by the end of February.

Acting as an essential ecological hub within an urban location, Wydon Water also plays a critical role in protecting against flooding.

It has also been a popular spot for recreational fishing since 2010.

Guy Opperman MP said: "It was fantastic to link up with the Environment Agency who have invested a significant amount of money and time to ensure that Wydon Water remains in tip top condition to serve the local community.

"Northumberland's vast rivers and reservoirs make it home to some of the best fishing to be found anywhere in the country. "With spring just around the corner, I would strongly encourage everyone to get in touch with Hexham Anglers' Association and take advantage of the brand-new facilities at Wydon Water."

Leila Huntington, flood risk operations manager at the Environment Agency, noted the importance of Wydon Water for both flood defences and leisure, saying: "We were pleased to show Guy around the work we’ve been doing at Wydon Water through February to improve fishing platforms. As well as being an important feature of our flood defences in the area, Wydon Water is a nature reserve and the refurbishment will secure the future of recreational fishing in the area."