A suspected drug supplier has been arrested in an operation against Class A drug supply in prisons.

On Thursday, a combined operation led to the arrest of a 56-year-old woman who remains in police custody.

This comes after an intelligence lead operation saw an investigation into prison staff and workers.

The targeted partnership involved the North East Regional Organised Crime Unit (NEROCU) and the Counter Corruption Team at HM Prison Northumberland to curb Serious and Organised Crime and those enabling it within prisons.

Gaye Martin, NEROCU Detective Inspector, said: "This operation is a strong and united front to stamp out any illegal activities going on behind prison walls.

"We will not tolerate criminality at any level, and we want to make it clear that our work with partners, including our region’s prisons, to tackle any offending of this nature will continue."

Earlier investigations uncovered £1,500 in cash inside a private vehicle and nearly 1,000 Class C pills and a quantity of cocaine, a Class A drug, inside the prison.

A Sodexo spokesperson said: "The possession of illicit items such as drugs in any prison is illegal and we constantly review our activity to tackle the issue, as safety and security are our top priorities.

"This collaborative work with NEROCU is delivering the right outcomes to keep those who live and work in the prison safe from illegal activity.”

Public awareness about any criminal activities should be reported to the local police.