AVERAGE fuel prices have risen by more than 3p per litre in three weeks, new analysis shows.

The RAC said the average price of a litre of petrol increased by 3.2p from 140.0p on January 29 to 143.3p on Monday (February 19).

Diesel prices have also surged by 4.0p per litre over the same period, from 148.0p to 152.0p.

It follows a three-month downward trend in fuel prices up to mid-January.

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We ranked the cheapest places to get fuel from stations across Tynedale.

All prices were correct according to petrolprices.com on February 22. 

Gulf Broadway (Darras Hall Fuel Express Automat): unleaded - 139.7p - diesel - 151.7p

Gulf Prudhoe (Princess Way Garage): unleaded - 140.9p - diesel - 150.9p

Asda Express Prudhoe: unleaded - 141.7p - diesel - 150.7p

Shell Corbridge (Bishops Garages Ltd): unleaded - 141.9p, diesel - 152.9p

BP Rotary Way (Hexham Services): unleaded - 142.7p, diesel - 153.7p

ESSO Stocksfield (Branch End Service Station): unleaded - 142.9p - diesel - 152.9p

Shell Hexham Road (Heddon Service Station): unleaded - 142.9p - diesel - 152.9p

Shell Hexham (MFG Hexham): unleaded - 143.9p - diesel - 154.9p

BP Bardon Mill (Henshaw Garage): unleaded - 143.9p - diesel - 153.9p

Gulf Haltwhistle (Eden Lawns Service Station): unleaded - 144.9p - diesel - 154.9p

Fourstones service station: unleaded - 149.9p - diesel - 159.9p