A SUPPORT worker from Haydon Bridge has been recognised for helping families and individuals in need in their new homes.

Louise Lightfoot has been putting out appeals on Facebook for any household item, from teatowels to furniture, for 10 years to help families or anyone who is setting up their home. 

After putting up a post, she then goes through the responses, collects it, or arranges a collection point and then takes it to the person's home.

Speaking about being nominated as Hexham Courant's person of the week, she said: "Wow, I'm shocked that I was nominated as I've seen the post.

"I've done this for 10 years and just like helping others when possible.

"It's very rewarding as I've kitted out numerous people with everything they need for a new start. 

"It's just something I do in my spare time.

"I work for a charitable organisation in Hexham that provides accommodation and support for homeless and vulnerable adults, but I help the individual in need in my own time, ensuring they have what they need to be comfortable in their home, whether it be sourcing a bed, microwave or a complete kit out.

"Everyone is so generous. I fill my car up and distribute it.

"I would just like to say a big thank you to my Facebook friends for donating and recycling to make what I do possible."