Hexham's Town Twinning Association is set to visit Noyon in France this May.

The group's travel to Noyon is arranged via coach and ferry for the trip which culminates on a UK Bank Holiday.

The trip is taking place from May 24-27.

Hexham's connection with its duo of twin towns, Metzingen and Noyon, has thrived for many years with regular visits encouraging and maintaining 'international friendship and understanding'.

French hosts will provide accommodation, and participation is open even to those who can't offer accommodation when guests pay a visit to Hexham.

Hexham Courant: Members of Hexham Village Band play in Noyon's town hall in August 2022Members of Hexham Village Band play in Noyon's town hall in August 2022 (Image: C. Booth)

The trip includes a welcoming reception on the Saturday morning at Noyon’s Town Hall.

Saturday afternoon is slated for bonding with host families and friends.

Sunday will feature joint sightseeing and a night filled with music and entertainment.

The journey back to Hexham happens on Monday morning.

The estimated travel cost is around £200 for adults, and not exceeding £100 for children and young people.

All participants must retain their seats for the entire journey.

Unaccompanied travellers should be at least 16 years old.

People looking to be part of this visit are asked to notify the association by mid-February.

Recent participants have shared their glowing experiences, with one participant stating: "My first time on a town twinning trip.

"It was a different way of being immersed in a foreign culture, and lovely to stay with, and be shown around by a local family."

Another newcomer to Town Twinning said: "l was overwhelmed by the warm welcome and hospitality."

For those interested in joining the Hexham Town Twinning Association or requiring more information, they can get in touch via the website at: www.hexhamtowntwinning.co.uk/contact