OUR readers reacted to the news that the finish line is in sight for a major public realm improvement scheme to revitalise Hexham’s historic town centre, with work due to be completed in May 2024.

In March, repaving work will move to a section of footway from the former Nat West Bank to Fore Street, opposite Eastgate junction.

Project Escape Hexham Live Escape Rooms said: "That would be great," and Hannah Cameron said the new paths are 'causing havoc with regard to traffic'.

Michael Molyneux-Johnson said: "Don't get me wrong as with all towns and high streets, shopping habits have changed in general especially since lockdowns forced closures and the rise in on line shopping over the years. Shopping used to be a full day out back in the day."

Louisa Read said: "I have noticed up beside the old post office (top, near Tynedale Hospice bookshop and the tiny alleyway) the new paving already has a lot of mossy green stuff, in the rain it was a bit slippy."

One web user said: "Supposed to be the happiest place in the UK. I don't think so."