Actress Rachel Stockdale is bringing her UK-wide one-woman production "Fat Chance" to Hexham's Queens Hall Arts on April 10.

The Middlesbrough actress' piece explores her personal experiences with weight gain, as well as her difficulties in establishing a career in acting.

The show launches on International Women's Day, March 8, and will tour 24 venues nationwide.

Ms Stockdale said: “Fat Chance condenses my twenties into a 70 minute show which examines everything from the changing relationship I’ve had with my body, other people’s fear of fatness and class stigma.

"Since the age of seven I have wanted to be an actor. After growing up in a single parent family on benefits living in the top 1% of underprivileged areas in the UK central Middlesbrough - I went on to graduate from Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) after gaining a scholarship.

"Since then in my career as a professional actor I’ve been told by top agents that even though I have talent I’m ‘too fat, Northern and female’.

"Fat Chance is a funny, reflective look at my life and struggles to succeed in an industry that doesn’t want to represent people like me.

“After four years in development, preview performances at Newcastle’s Live Theatre and a month-long run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2022, we are passionate about sharing this important story with audiences across the UK.”

The play at Queens Hall Arts will start at 7.30pm.

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