Homeowners on oil heating in Northumberland are being urged to check that their oil tanks are covered by their home insurance policies.

This advice follows the recent extreme temperature changes and the stormy weather that has led to many homes across the country experiencing damage.

Malcolm Farrow, from OFTEC, said: "Household budgets are understandably tight in the current cost of living crisis but, when it comes to home insurance, ensuring you’ve got the right level of protection on your policy could save you thousands in the unlikely event of damage to your oil tank."

“Many of these incidents could be prevented by taking simple steps, such as ensuring that oil tank systems are installed according to regulations and checked regularly by an OFTEC registered technician to ensure that any defects or faulty equipment is dealt with promptly.”

UK statistics report approximately 3,000 oil spill pollution incidents yearly, with a clean-up bill of more than £20,000.

With potentially extensive environmental investigation and clean-up costs, homeowners are encouraged to fully understand their insurance policies, particularly elements around third-party liability and pollution.

Homeowners can find a local registered heating technician at www.oftec.org or www.gassaferegister.co.uk.