We asked our readers if modern car headlights are too bright. Here's what they said.

Readers including Ann Blackburn, Laura Preston, Wendy Graham and Jean Garrett all said headlights are too bright.

Julie Jools Howard agreed, saying: "Yes, far too dazzling to be able to see safely without shielding the eyes."

Robert Hubbuck commented: "It's more worrying to meet the cars parked against the flow of traffic, headlights on. I'm 76 but I should think, it is blinding for a 30-year-old."

Gemma Wilkinson added: "Make mine look like they are powered by a tealight in the wind," and Sonya Wright said: "Definitely, even when they're dipped they look like they aren't."

Sarah Brown said: "Some yes and the lorries that are lit up everywhere are dazzling."

Dave Hewitson said: "No. But some cars really need their lights adjusting - old cars as well as modern. It also constantly amazes me how many older cars have lights that don’t work - with bulbs off left and right, front and rear. That’s an open invitation for the police to stop you and find other faults that will cost you - financially and points on your licence."

Andrea Gibson said: "Yes definitely, I avoid driving in the dark if possible because of it."

Michael Fish added: "Yes it’s mainly the LED ones don’t seem to be any regulation on them not like the halogen ones."

Steve Bell also said: "It is less blinding to look directly at the sun than into the dipped headlights of a Tesla or Audi."