We asked our readers what made them proud to live in the Hexham area. Here's what they said.

1 Landscape

Several readers commented that they loved the landscape of Hexham and Northumberland as it brings rural life and city culture together.

Andy Maylett commented: "Friendly folk, plenty of pubs, restaurants, cafes, gateway to the rolling Northumbrian countryside! Who could want for more."

Gary Oldfield mentioned Hadrian's Wall for being proud of.

2 The people

Others including June Reed commented on their love for the people and communities within the area.

One reader said: "Honestly met some absolutely amazing people, my second home."

Clive Graham also said he was proud of the landscape and the people.

3 Community groups

Chloe Rebecca Nicholas explained why she was proud to be from Hexham. "Stage Fright C.I.C Natural Ability, Gateway into the Community, Orchard House Vets Hexham, and my Tesco friends, everyone who knows me in the eight years and four days I’ve been a Hexham resident."

4 History 

"I love Hexham because of the significance of the history, a typical market town that we should support, an Abbey which we should be proud of and a much under-appreciated area of outstanding beauty," one reader said.


5 Culture 

One reader said: "The Abbey, the Queen's Hall, the parks, all the history, the pubs, cafes and all the independent shops." 

6 Family

Several readers said they love Hexham because their relatives lived there.

"My grandparents used to live there," one commented, while another said: "My daughter lives there and it's nice to see the pictures."

7 Pubs 

The variety of pubs was mentioned as one reason residents and visitors enjoy Hexham.

"The Grapes, the Coach and Horses, the Tap and Spile, the Globe, the County Hotel,"

8 Medieval buildings

"Hexham has a beautiful park and Abbey and some medieval alleyways and market places," one reader said.

9 Independent shops

Other readers enjoy the variety of independent shops on offer.

10 Parks 

Several commented that the parks are another reason that they like the town.