A date has been set to take away Hexham's Christmas tree of 2023.

EGGER has confirmed that tomorrow (Wednesday, January 17) will be the day that the 32-foot Norway Spruce Tree will be taken down.

The tree was the symbol of the beginning of Christmas when it was placed in front of Hexham Abbey ahead of the Christmas lights switch on Friday, November 24 2023.

EGGER has been donating a Christmas tree since 2008 and used a 50ft crane to place the tree on market place after arriving from Kielder Forest at 6am.

Last years EGGER’s dedicated Christmas team included Arthur Harvey, Project Engineer and appointed person for lift design; Melvin Fawcett, Garage Team Leader; James Wood, Engineering Works Coordinator; Michael Buchan, from MIBEX; and Kevin Hemmer, from Kaefer.