A discussion panel will invite the public to question how to clean up the River Tyne.

Wylam Clean Tyne Group will run a free live panel at Wylam Institute, Church Road in Wylam, on February 10 with doors opening from 10am.

Wylam Winter Tales, a festival celebrating the arts in Wylam and the Tyne Valley, will host the event.

The Rivers Trust's State of Our Rivers report shows the main sources of pollution are partially treated and untreated sewage from water companies and poor farming practices, including poor livestock management and fertiliser management.

Major representatives from the water industry, including Northumbrian Water, will attend.

An impartial chair will keep proceedings civil at all times. They will take questions in advance and distribute them appropriately to panel members, challenging inaccuracy where apparent and enable an interesting and informative debate for all. 

The Wylam Winter Tales Cafe will serve hot drinks and snacks during the event.

Stephen Westgarth, chair of the Wylam Clean Tyne Group, said: "It is a Question Time-like panel event with representatives from a range of bodies involved in river monitoring and the water industry, farming and business, water science, and Northumbrian Water.

"We have an independent chair in retired psychiatrist Dr Peter Tayler. We are seeking questions from the public in advance where possible, so panel members can give as direct and clear answers as possible. Any questions can come to me at drstephenwestgarth@gmail.com, or via our Facebook or Instagram page."