Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has introduced a three-year sustainability action plan.

The trust's scheme incorporates green pledges related to various sectors such as buildings, travel, waste and people.

Currently, the NHS contributes around four-five per cent of the UK's entire carbon emissions, and these efforts align with the broader NHS target for net zero by 2040.

Head of sustainability at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Clare Winer said: "We're delighted to have launched our new sustainability action plan.

"Our key action areas support our target to be net zero by 2040."

“Recent projects such as the major decarbonisation work at North Tyneside General Hospital shows how heavily we invest in our estates to make them as sustainable as possible. However, we understand that we can do more which is why our plan outlines the actions we will take on our other key areas.”

Another pledge includes increasing the use of reusable clinical products and promoting awareness of waste management.

Wayne Daley, head of corporate and social responsibility, said: “Sustainability is a key focus of our Community Promise and we’re thrilled to be part of this new action plan.

“The commitments made in the new action plan will not only benefit the trust but also staff, patients and our communities.”