Seeking to aid photographers capture the night sky's endless allure, Stait Photography Hexham, an independent photo retailer, is providing top tips and expert advice.

According to Owner Ken Stait, there are several factors to consider to ensure a magical shot isn't missed.

Mr Stait said: "Before taking out your mobile phone or digital camera to take a picture, there are a range of factors to contend with to make sure your photo is just as out of this world as the stars you’re snapping!"

One challenge is low lighting, which can compromise photography, even with advanced smartphones.

He advises getting away from bright city lights to remove ambient lighting.

Photographers should avoid using zoom, which can result in heavily pixelated images when used to capture small objects like stars.

Camera apps on both iOS and Android can simulate shutter speed and can be crucial in achieving balanced brightness levels.

Mr Stait said: "Contending with low light is a lot easier with a steady hand.

"Using a tripod ensures you have a stable surface which reduces shake and avoids UFOs (Unidentified Fuzzy Objects) in your photos."

Mr Stait recommends that great photos are effectively exhibited, with the use of printing services offered by Stait Photography.