PLASTIC tubs are being collected by a business to reduce waste being sent to landfill.

Matthias Winter, based in Hexham, is collecting plastic tubs and lids used to contain sweets and biscuits for Greene King's recycling scheme, Tub2Pub.

People can drop clean containers at the Matthias Winter shop throughout January.

Alison Smith, owner of the eco-friendly homeware store, will then take the tubs to The Black Bull in Corbridge, or people can drop them off at the pub until February 11.

Matthias Winter's Facebook post said: "It’s a great scheme as the plastic gets recycled and Macmillan Cancer Support benefits too - to the tune of £11,308 over the past two years.

"Almost 50,000 tubs have been recycled in the last couple of years so it’s definitely worth it. As always with our recycling efforts (especially wine corks) we do not judge - much.

"Other items we can take for recycling include: wine corks, used stamps, inkjet printer cartridges and uncoloured candle wax.

"Unfortunately, we can’t take tablet blister packs any more but you can still take those yourself to Superdrug in Newcastle I just can’t send bulk amounts."

The post also added: "If anyone has unwanted square tins/containers, someone else would like those for charity cakes so drop those in too if you have any."