A TRAIN OPERATOR has apologised for 'misspelling' a sign at a Tynedale train station.

Eagle-eyed residents have spotted that Haydon Bridge has been spelt Hayden Bridge on one of its signs at the train station.

 National Rail has defended the sign as they say that it is a 'reference' to colleagues rather than passengers.

It is also believed that 'Hayden Bridge' is the traditional spelling of the Tynedale village but residents want it to be changed to the '21st version' spelling and have contacted National Rail to correct it.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: "This is not a specific station location sign which appear on the platform and are installed by the station’s operator, Northern.

"The sign pictured is a Network Rail sign that is used for internal reference for Network Rail colleagues, rather than for passengers.

Hexham Courant: Haydon Bridge train location spelt correctly Haydon Bridge train location spelt correctly (Image: Network Rail)"We apologise that it is spelt incorrectly, and we will endeavour to get this rectified.”