A TYNEDALE butchers will be closing its doors at the end of the month due to increased supply prices and decline in customers.

Tom Stephenson of WMH Farm Fresh Meats in Haydon Bridge has made a hard decision to close the front of his butcher shop on Wednesday, January 31 after serving the village for 26 years.

Since opening the business, Tom has been a pillar of the community, especially during Covid where he did home deliveries to those who could not go out.

But he has faced problems since covid restrictions were lifted and found himself competing increasingly with supermarkets.

Speaking on his behalf, partner Sue Bell said: "Tom wanted to keep the business going but the overhead costs each month was making it too hard.

"He couldn't keep putting up the prices to pay for the cost of the local meats, electricity and staff wages, as it was not sustainable or achievable to do so every month.

"He is very sad to have made this decision, but it is for the best.

"He would like to thank all his loyal customers for their support, and they can still pop in to say hi."

"Although the butcher shop will be closed, Tom is not hanging up his tools too soon, as he will continue to provide quality local meats for our separate business WMH catering - which will not be closing. He will also continue supply butchery services at the back of the shop premises.

"We are looking forward to working together and look forward to the many events we have planned this year."