Joe Morris, Labour’s candidate for Hexham in the next General Election, asserts there are no 'no-go areas' for his campaign as he promises to support farmers across Northumberland.

Labour has vowed to enhance food security and empower the UK agriculture sector with a significant "new deal for farmers".

This includes a target that at least half of the food used in public institutions, such as hospitals, school and prisons, is to be produced locally.

Mr Morris claimed: "We have seen an abandonment of farmers in Northumberland.

"I will work with the sector to deliver better scrutiny of trade deals, better public procurement practices to support UK farmers and support for farmers who want to adopt regenerative agricultural methods.”

The aspiring MP claims that farmers in Northumberland have faced "fourteen years of broken promises" from the Government.

He further added: "Across this constituency and this country, farmers need a decade of national renewal with the countryside at its heart.

"That’s what Labour will deliver."

Mr Morris also spoke of his plans if victorious, he said: “As Hexham’s first Labour MP, I will deliver lower energy bills for farmers by switching on GB Energy, lower red tape at our borders to get our great food exports flowing again and use the government’s own purchasing power to back British producers.”