A PRIMARY school has received its latest Ofsted report.

Allendale Primary School continues to be rated as 'good' following its Ofsted inspection on November 15.

The report stated: "This is a school at the heart of the community. It has a warm, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are fully included in all aspects of school life. There are many opportunities for pupils to be involved with local community events. For example, pupils’ artwork is displayed in a local exhibition and, as part of the history club, pupils enjoy local history walks. 

"There has been a focus on ensuring that pupils are supported to behave well. In classrooms and around the school, pupils conduct themselves appropriately. Staff have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and staff are consistent with routines. Pupils play well together and are focused in lessons the vast majority of the time."

It also described the curriculum as 'ambitious'.

"Children in Reception get off to a strong start. There are many opportunities to develop early interest in stories, songs and rhymes. Staff are quick to identify children who may need additional support with speech and language development. Staff encourage children to become independent learners."