A RESTAURANT will close its doors for the first time in its 30-year history on New Year's Eve.

Daraz Aziz, owner of The Valley Group which consists of The Valley restaurant branches in Corbridge, Jesmond and Cilantro in Hexham, will close the Corbridge establishment on New Year's Eve.

Mr Aziz, who has been in the restaurant industry for 50 years, said he decided to close the restaurant as a gesture of goodwill for his staff.

Hexham Courant: (Centre) Daraz with The Valley staff(Centre) Daraz with The Valley staff (Image: The Valley Group)

The Jesmond restaurant and Cilantro will remain open.

"The Valley Group has been in business since 1990, so almost 33 years. Sunday is our weekly holiday, and this year I could see the desire of my staff to spend New Year's Eve celebrating with their families because normally they don't get that opportunity."

The Valley will celebrate its 33rd anniversary on February 21. The restaurant is usually open on New Year's Eve which is one of its busiest times of the year.

"It will lift the morale of the staff as well, we're not just after money but cohesion between staff and the whole team.

"You won't find many places closed on New Year's Eve," he added.

"I would like to wish all my customers the best wishes for this festive season and apologies to those who were planning to come and dine with us on New Year's Eve. We would like to welcome them on the first day of 2024 to celebrate the New Year with us."

The Valley's opening times are otherwise normal and will reopen on New Year's Day.