A COLLEGE is making 'reasonable progress' after its most recent Ofsted rating stated that the effectiveness of the provision 'required improvement'.

Cambian Dilston College, Corbridge, a private further education college for those with special educational needs, has progressed in improving the areas which were previously rated as requiring improvement by Ofsted.

The new report, published on December 15, states that inspectors visited the college to 'evaluate the progress that leaders and managers have made in resolving the main areas for improvement identified at the previous inspection' in January 2023.

Reasonable progress was made in all areas of the report, including progress in ensuring learners benefit from consistent learning; identifying appropriate learning outcomes; effective assessment activities and planning a development curriculum to ensure learners understand consent and healthy relationships. 

"Since the last inspection, leaders and managers have reviewed the college’s staffing structure," the report said.

"They have established new roles, such as a curriculum leader to work closely with education and care staff to ensure that they are helping learners to prepare for their next steps.

"Newly appointed staff are highly skilled and experienced, and are able to support colleagues by modelling good practice, which staff value.

"All teaching staff now attend training sessions on sharing subject-specific knowledge and best practice, both within the college and as part of the wider Cambian Group.

"Staff now use a range of teaching methods that closely meet the needs of learners."

The report stated in a 'small number of cases', teachers do not fully develop learners' independent skills.

Cambian Dilston College was contacted for comment.