According to Rightmove's annual survey poll across the UK, Hexham has been ranked as one of the 'happiest places to live'.

This is not the first time for the town that it has ranked high.

 However, it has slipped in its ranks as it was the number one happiest place to live twice in 2019 and 2021, but in 2022, it dropped to fourth. Now in 2023, it is 10th.

This year, the survey was completed by 26,000 people and rankings were based on 13 happy factors.

The study found that feeling a sense of pride, belonging, and community is most likely to contribute to feeling happy to live in an area, more so than having access to things like public transport, schools and job opportunities.

One of the key trends to emerge from this year’s study is that those living in rural areas are more likely to be happy where they live than city residents, especially those living near a national park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (recently renamed National Landscapes).

Pleased with the ranking, Hexham Mayor  Derek Kennedy said, “Once again, Hexham proves to be one of the happiest places to live in GB. This is an excellent performance as we regularly feature in this list. Hexham has a fantastic community spirit and is people-orientated. Great schools, lots of interest groups and is the cultural centre of Northumberland with cinema, theatre and music events. The Town Council and our partners work together to put on so many events. “ 

Cllr Suzanne Aitken-Fairless thinks more should be considered about a town and how Hexham is a high-achieving town.

She said: "10th overall, but top in the North East - like our brilliant high school was voted top too! It's be a great year here and Hexham is still very much a desirable, place to live."

"However, let's not forget, it's very hard to buy and rent here. Especially for young couples and families.

"We just need more affordable and social houses built - for everyone - so we can truly be the happiest place to live in the UK. When these polls are done by estate agents I'm afraid I'm just a little bit cynical.