THE result of a flooding at a well-used roundabout in Tynedale has been revealed.

Motorists who were travelling to and from Hexham on the A69 Westbound at A68 Styford Roundabout found that when they approached the normally clear route - it was flooded. 

Northumberland council has confirmed that it was due to several factors of recent snow melting, heavy rain and water run that caused the whole roundabout near Brockbushes to be flooded.

Some cars were completed submerged in the water and needed multiple emergency services assistance.

After the road was drained and it was fully opened late afternoon.

A council spokesman said: "We received a call around 4am to a report of flooding in this area.

"A combination of factors including snow melting, heavy rain throughout the night and water run off caused the issue.

"Highways teams attended and the road was cleared as soon as possible."