A BUSINESS owner is urging customers to stock up on items before the shop closes for good at the end of the year.

Old & New - The Home of Wardhaughs in Hexham will be closing at the end of this year as owner Carrie Page wants to follow her dreams of travelling.

"I have owned Wardhaughs since 2010, after taking over from my uncle, "Carrie said.

"In 2014, we diversified and opened the Vintage Emporium on the upper floor, renting spaces to dealers, while continuing electrical sales on the ground floor.

"Just before Covid, I sold the Vintage Emporium to Brian and Christine Hopper and split the building into two separate units. So the Vintage Emporium is not closing.

"This is when I changed the name of the shop to Old and New, selling the new batteries and light bulbs and small electrical bits Wardhaughs has always stocked - and a range of old style traditional homewares including vintage finds.

"I hope to continue selling the homewares and vintage finds from a small unit upstairs in the Vintage Emporium, as finding items to sell is the thing I enjoy most about having a shop.

"I will be open until Christmas. In the spring my husband, my dog and I are taking to the open road in our campervan, we have no definite plan as of yet of our destination, we will just see when we set off where the weather is best.

"As a small business shop owner, you never manage to get a holiday longer than a week, so I am looking forward to just taking our time and exploring, without any deadlines. 

"We have been talking about doing this for several years, so we decided we just needed to get on with it."

"My downstairs shop space is going to be taken over by Moira and Jamie Hardwood, who presently trade as the Vinyl Attic in the Vintage Emporium. The Vintage Emporium will have some space available for anyone who would like to rent a unit/space, so please contact them.

"I would like to thank everyone for their support and custom. It would be lovely to see many of my customers over the next month, and hope they can stock up some light bulbs and batteries."