The North East has the shortest waiting time for drivers to take their driving test in Great Britain, according to data from the DVSA.

According to the data, acquired through a Freedom of Information request by motor insurance broker Adrian Flux, it takes an average of 13.1 weeks after booking a test to take it in the region - over 10 weeks shorter than some others.

It's the only region to see a decrease, down from 14.1 last year.

Darlington and Hartlepool, with a 11 week and 13 week wait respectively, are the quickest in County Durham.

In Northumberland, Blyth and Alnick have the shortest wait with 13 weeks.

In Tyne and Wear, Gateshead learners wait one week, and seven in Gosforth.

Delays mean that some test-ready learners are choosing to drive parents' cars instead of paying extra tuition.

"We thought the numbers of people learning to drive in a parents’ car would decrease as the Government tackled the backlog and the situation improved,” said Gerry Bucke, general manager of Adrian Flux.

“But our numbers for 2023 are marginally higher than they were during 2022 and 2021 when we were reporting a huge 108 per cent increase in policies or quotes being made or taken out by learners using their parents’ car."