The Hexham Morrismen made an uncharacteristic autumn appearance last Friday at the Forum Cinema.

The dance ensemble had a cameo in the new film 'Typist Artist Pirate King', starring Monica Dolan and Kelly McDonald.

The film draws from the life of Sunderland-born artist Audrey Amiss, a Royal Academy scholarship holder, who struggled with lifelong mental health issues.

It follows an imagined, eventful journey with her friend and former psychiatrist from her chaotic London flat to Sunderland.

The journey illustrates her eccentric humour, distressing paranoia, and strained relationships as she tries to get her artwork exhibited.

Along their route, they encounter a number of events; a choir, a yoga class, a battle re-enactment - and a performance by The Hexham Morrismen.

The film has received positive reviews, with one newspaper review saying that 'as a bonus it has a scene with Morris dancers'.

Attending the showing of the film, The Hexham Morrismen were amused to see their names in the film credits, with their musician Frank featured among the likes of Sandy Denny and Sting.

If you dream of seeing your name in lights, or prefer to stick to local fetes and national folk festivals, the Hexham Morrismen are welcoming new members this autumn.

They hold practices at Acomb Village Hall, NE64 4NJ, on Thursdays at 7.30pm.

Those interested may contact or call 07450 213 490.