WE shared the news that Hexham train station will remain open.

The news comes after the government confirmed that they have dropped plans to close ticket offices around the UK.

Here's how readers reacted.

Audrey Smith said: "I am so pleased - the staff in the Hexham ticket office are wonderful - thanks to everyone who signed the petition."

Terri Walls said: "Shows campaigning works, well done to the unions, disabled campaigners and others who kept going."

Lesley Snowdon added: "Fantastic news. Well done everyone who campaigned, wrote letters, signed petitions and stood on picket lines."

Graham Smith commented: "At last common sense prevailed. Great staff at Hexham and jobs saved. Well done."

Amanda Turner said: "So it should. Like a lot of others, there are a lot of people who are not computer literate or savvy on apps. I am one of them. So to me if they keep closing places and making people serve themselves even in shops, it’s putting people out of work and there is too much of that already."

Gill Taylor added: "Delighted at the news, ticket offices are much more than that for so many people they are advice centres."

Daphne Richardson shared her support: "I'm glad to hear Hexham is staying open," as Ann Blackburn said: "Thank goodness for that. As we always need assisted passage the staff are always there to ensure we get all the help needed. Can't praise them enough."