Keith Broomfield has featured Northumberland in his newly published book, Wild Quest Britain.

Known for his captivating wildlife tales, Keith paints a vivid picture.

The book reads: "As I continued along the snowy track, I scanned the air above in the hope of glimpsing a goshawk. Kielder Forest is a stronghold for these spectacular phantoms of the forest."

In 'If Rivers Could Sing', Keith chronicled a wildlife year on a Scottish river, in 'A Scottish Wildlife Odyssey, he undertook a five month voyage across Scotland, and now, in Wild Quest Britain, his journey takes him across England, Scotland and Wales.

A rich exploration of Britain's diverse natural environments, the book spans across Britain, from Cornwall to Caithness.

Each chapter highlights remarkable flora and fauna in places like Northumberland, both on land and under the sea.

Keith, previously shortlisted for Scotland’s National Book Awards, also takes readers to the enchanting valleys of Wales and the rugged cliffs of Cornwall.

He dives under the ocean with mysterious nudibranchs, takes flight with graceful cranes, and studies the elusive warblers in England's green fields.

The book, glistening with colourful fungi, dancing butterflies, and secretive sand lizards, is available on Amazon, bookshops, online sellers and directly from the publisher.