A WOMAN is thankful for the help of two men who found her lost ring with a metal detector.

Einat Hayari from Stocksfield was desperate to find her ring after it had come off when she was walking around Tynedale.

After posting on social media for someone to help her find it, she was overjoyed by the community spirit of two men who helped her find it the next day.

She said: "Over the weekend, when I was out on a walk on Deadridge lane, I threw an apple core into the long grass verge and my ring flew of my finger in pursuit of the apple core.

"It was a type of ring that had three rings linked together and it was very easy to dislodge itself of the finger.

"I had found it years ago on a dance floor and I like the feel of it on my finger.

"The thing is, I don't like losing things and don't ever lose anything apart from this time.

"I knew exactly where it was, and it would bug me for ever more knowing where it is without actually finding it.

"So, I thought to try Corbridge life as a long shot as I see people often post things like that and sometimes it works. Well. this time, it did!

"As soon as I posted it online, Simon Douglas and Andrew Robinson commented straightaway that they wanted to help me.

"We met the next day at 10am and they found the ring within 15 min."